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Commercial Solar

Build on Experience. 
Photovoltaic-Systems for Industrial and Commercial Rooftops.

PV-systems for industrial and commercial rooftops are the mainstay of distributed electrical energy supply. They enable businesses to produce a proportion of their power requirement in a cost-effective and reliable way, which will bring down the cost of energy considerably.

We have a track record of setting new standards in the market for PV- solutions for industrial and commercial rooftops. In addition to producing high-performance products, We provide all services before and after the turnkey systems are handed over to their owners; from project development and construction management, financing, to the finished installation’s operation and maintenance. An all-inclusive package for building owners, innovative products with comprehensive product and performance guarantees for installers and roofing specialists, reliable solutions for the distributed supply of power for the public sector and attractive yields for investors.

Our Promise for the Future: 
More Experience, More Performance, More Reliability.

We know what our customers need and expect. To turn our experience into exceptional products, we work with strong partners in the field of roof construction to advise and contribute to our development of the best products possible. The results speak for themselves: apart from groundbreaking PV-systems allowing a non-penetrative installation on membrane, bitumen, and metal roofs, we offer ideal solutions for existing roofs as well as a comprehensive range of service; from the original development and execution of the project.