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Arex Solar  The Best Photovoltaic Technology

Solar Power Plants Solutions

We have comprehensive knowhow and many years of experience with building and operating power plants.

Arex Solar is pioneer in planning and turnkey installation of solar power plants. We have extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of solar power plants. We used this experience and our know-how, to standardize recurrent processes during installation and operation of power plants. The result: A modular designed power plant system.

With experience and expertise across the entire solar value chain, we integrate our technologies and activities to maximize energy output and reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for our customers. By accepting full value chain responsibility and standing behind the performance of the entire power plant, we maximize the value of our customers PV investment while minimizing their risk.

Solar Investment

Arex Solar PV Power Plant Features:

  • Stable grid integration and advanced plant control features
  • Maximum project value with our engineering & plant optimization services
  • Bankable results with project development and financing expertise
  • Superior energy yield with integrated and optimized technologies throughout the plant
  • World-class execution with our procurement and construction capabilities
  • Industry-leading system availability with our operations and maintenance (O&M) services
  • Technologies proven to deliver reliable energy yield and stable grid integrationPlant Controller

Grid Integration & Plant Control Systems

Developing electricity-generation assets starts with grid integration. We understand the challenges associated with integrating solar into the electricity grid on a global scale. Our power plants are equipped with advanced plant control features typical of large, conventional power plants that actively stabilize the electricity grid. 


Our Services

Project Development

The location and local infrastructure has a massive impact on the prospective installation and operating costs for any solar power plant

Our team of experienced engineers and project developers will check the conditions on site and evaluate the feasibility of a solar power project.

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Realization and EPC Services

AREXSOLAR’s innovative power plant concepts make investing into solar power an increasingly attractive option. Our intensive development work has allowed us to take the reliability and the performance of solar plants to a new level.Unrivalled speed in planning and construction – getting your plant on the grid sooner than you think.

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Operating and Maintenance

To protect your investment, AREXSOLAR is there for you for the entire lifetime of your plant: if you wish, we can take over the operation, maintenance, and inspection of your plants. Because we monitor your assets constantly and inspect them regularly, we find potential for optimization in good time and respond immediately in the case of any problems.

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Power Plant Solutions

Project Development

Project developers, Banks, Private Financier investors. Arex Solar offers standard contracts, designs, construction, monitoring, operation and maintenance practices that align with finance & investor requirements.

Engineering & Design

From planning stage to maintenance, AREX SOLAR delivers reliable services from a single source, going well beyond just PV plant construction. AREX SOLAR is your one provider that handles everything – we develop, design, construct, finance, and service fixed-tilt, single-axis tracking, and canopy solar arrays.


The primary goal is to to maximze kWh output. During the engineering phase of the project, AREX SOLAR finalizes the site layout, DC string configuration, inverter layout, interconnection designs and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system design.

Maintenance & Operating

Our service options range from a one-time site assessment to long-term, comprehensive operation and maintenance packages. Opt for the services – from monitoring, analysis and reporting, and operation and control to maintenance and repair to complete system management – that fit your situation. Regardless of your choice, we’re committed to your plant’s peak performance.

Remote Monitoring & Data Loging

Keep an eye on your entire investment portfolio with just a few clicks – wherever your plant might be located and whatever shape or components they use. We system, an innovative, reliable, and versatile remote supervision and monitoring system that gives you full transparency about the performance of your plants at the click of a button and enables you to intervene immediately whenever any problems arise.

Optimization Exsisting Plant

We provide plant optimization services to maximize your system’s true potential and identify areas to increase energy production that many facility owners are not aware exist. Optimization services can also find ways to lengthen the life of the components of the system without impacting the output of your system, to achieve the system‘s true potential for maximum production.

Financing Project

With so many choices today to finance a solar project, selecting the most appropriate financing method requires careful consideration of the client’s situation and an expert understanding of the project finance landscape.

Finding Investing Partner

AREX SOLAR’s finance team has over 20 years experience working with leading U.S. banks and project investors. Leverage these AREX SOLAR’s relationships for your solar project’s success.